The Golden Dragon by Peter Eötvös

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Based on the play by Roland Schimmelpfennig


Migration, exploitation, hopes and lost dreams are set at the heart of The Golden Dragon, a compelling fable of modern life - funny, shocking and touching in equal measure.

Central to this East-meets-West tale, is the discovery of a decayed tooth in a bowl of soup. It belongs to a kitchen “boy”, a long way from home and with no papers. He’s also looking for his sister, but she’s been forced into a very different kind of service just next door….

The Golden Dragon - Reflections From The Rehearsal Room: Week 2

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Michael McCarthy keeps us updated with his thoughts and insights at the end of the second week of rehearsals...

Well, two weeks done and everyone is feeling tired, but the pace has not let up and we are on schedule (always a good thing!).

The Golden Dragon - Reflections From The Rehearsal Room: Week 1

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Michael McCarthy shares some insights from the first week of rehearsals for The Golden Dragon...

At the end of the first week I am happy to say that The Golden Dragon is more than meeting my expectations: It is a fabulous piece.

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