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It’s the start of October and normally at this time of year we would be opening and touring a new production, but this year it’s a little different.

Our next touring production will actually launch in Scotland in January – as a co-production with Scottish Opera - and Music Theatre Wales will take charge of it at the start of February after it has been seen in Glasgow and Edinburgh, just as we did with the Stuart MacRae and Huw Watkins double bill of Ghost Patrol and In The Locked Room in 2012. And, as then, we have cast and created the production together and will be touring with the same team, with one notable and critical difference – for all performances south of the border our very own specialist group of instrumentalists - the Music Theatre Wales Ensemble - will be performing. We know they will relish every note written for them and bring their unique virtuosity and personality to the new work, as they do with everything they approach with us, and will do the composer proud.

So what are we doing?

Composer Stuart MacRae - Photo credit Loudon MacRae PhotographyThe new opera – The Devil Inside - has been written by the same team who won the South Bank Sky Arts Award for Opera and were nominated for an Olivier for Ghost Patrol - composer Stuart MacRae and novelist Louise Welsh. Their combined skills, vision and flair demonstrated in both Ghost Patrol and the even shorter opera Remembrance Day, that theirs was a powerful new operatic partnership. Right from the start they share the genesis of the drama and continue to work on this side-by-side as the words and music emerge. Whilst Stuart’s music is ignited by Louise’s incisive text it must also be said that Louise’s text is honed and crafted to Stuart’s musical and dramatic instincts. This is just as it should be, and we have been happy to work with and support the development of the opera, along with director Matthew Richardson who was such an important part of the Ghost Patrol team along with designer Samal Blak.

Make an Aria at St Fagans

Michael McCarthy talks about the experience of creating site-specific performances at St Fagans National History Museum.

WNS 070715 St Fagans Opera 01

Make an Aria - what the people thought

We asked participants and audience members what they thought of the performances of Make an Aria at St Fagans:

WNS 070715 St Fagans Opera 60 copy

I don’t think I’ve experienced a more powerful expression of place through music theatre or any other means really ever before, and St Fagans has been brought to life for me and particularly the Castle here in a quite extraordinary way. I think it shows really the transformations that creativity and artistic expression can have and can make of a place that otherwise perhaps would not be understood as we have had the privilege of understanding it this afternoon.
Transcription of David Anderson’s speech – Make an Aria at St Fagans  7 July 2015

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